UNITE is a call to action

for our family, our friends, and our communities.

It is time we spread messages of solidarity

While we are physically apart

we are still in this struggle together.

Now more than ever we need signs of

Positivity over negativity

Hopefulness over hopelessness

To be united in a common purpose

Against Injustice, inequality, and ineptness

And refill our optimism for a United States.

TO UNITE US should be a fundamental requirement

of the leaders we elect.

NOW is the time to rise to the occasion.

This is an invitation to create an expression to

illustrate what binds us together

by creating work around the theme of unity.

Place UNITE in your window, in your yard, on your car,

Print UNITE on t-shirts, on facemasks, paint it on barns,

Spread UNITE on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest.

Drop a mention @time2unite


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